We're here to fight hunger

Twin Valley Food Pantry (TVFP) was formed in 1994 as an out-reach ministry by the Morgantown Methodist Church before Conestoga Mennonite Church (CMC) accepted responsibility in 2009 where it is hosted today. The growth of the TVFP as a community based and community supported organization led CMC to recommend transitioning to a non-profit organization. Today - TVFP is a registered non-profit 501(c)3 organization. A Board of Directors was formed in 2018 with representation from across the community.

Our Mission

We provide nutritious food for everyone struggling with hunger within a Tri-County 10-mile radius of our Distribution Center; reflecting God’s character with generosity, dignity and integrity.

TVFP Guiding Values

  • Generosity: Reflecting God’s abundance
  • Dignity: Respecting everyone with love
  • Integrity: Protecting donor and participant trust

How Do Clients Qualify?

Since some of our food is received under state programs, clients must qualify according to state income guidelines, which is explained during the first visit. Our monthly distributions provide 5-7 days’ worth of food for our clients. Below is a household income chart outlining the monetary guidelines.

Total Household Income • 2023-2024

Size Annual Monthly Weekly
1 $26,973 $2,248 $519
2  $36,482 $3,833 $702
3  $45,991 $3,551 $884
4  $55,500 $4,625 $1,067 
5  $65,009  $5,417 $1,250
6 $74,518 $6,210 $1,433 
7  $84,027  $7,002 $1,616
8 $93,526 $7,795  $1,799

Do Clients Have to be a Church Member?

No! All are welcome to worship at Conestoga Mennonite Church, but religious affiliation is not required to receive assistance.

Do You Need Help?

Please call the Twin Valley Food Pantry at Conestoga and describe your situation, we will do our best to help you in your time of need. You can reach us at (610) 286-9124.


For more information, please view our brochure. For Parking Lot Instructions, please click here